Diabetes Software

A simple Google search for “Diabetes Software” will list more than 85 million results. These products ranges from cloud based log book for blood sugar levels to Electronic Medical Records; developed by glucose meter companies, healthcare providers, and patients, however the majority are developed by technology companies with limited understand of what is diabetes and how to manage it. Many clinics have already purchased EMR’s because this is the trend or because of government regulations.

Diabetes Software
Patient benefits
  • Patients are empowered though extended education, supervised monitoring by a diabetes nurse, access to educators, and access to a multidisciplinary integrated healthcare team
  • Patients’ home self-monitoring data is integrated with clinical data to provide comprehensive details for better diagnoses and treatment
  • The need for patients to repeat diabetes information to each member of the care team is reduced; the team has access to complete, current and accurate information electronically
  • Patients are enabled to participate more in their own care plans and set personal targets
  • Patients may be given more time for individual discussion during visits as a result of providers having the ability to proactively and easily prepare for each patient

Health system benefits
  • Better care and access to proactive healthcare
  • Provide optimal consultative care for the fast growing diabetic population that cannot otherwise be met with the limited endocrine and cardiac consultative services, particularly in remote areas
  • Standardization of medical examination and clinical examination procedures, based on the clinical guidelines for diabetes management
  • Provide cost effective and better care for more patients with the existing healthcare resources
Health care provider benefits
  • Efficient collaborative care that includes patient engagement
  • Increase specialists' participation in patient care
  • Reduces the need to repeat diabetes information to each member of the care team
  • Allows more time for discussion during the patient visit by giving providers the ability to pro-actively and easily prepare for it
  • Possibility of increasing number of patients in practice due to efficiency of program software
  • Ability to view patient health information and monitor compliance with evidence-based interventions
  • Ability to be more proactive in setting patient care goals, view progress against targets, and receive alerts when best practices are not being followed
  • Clinical decisions can be made rapidly leading to better and faster medical intervention
  • Complete follow-up data and retrieval of past medical data and team recommendations
  • Patient summary sheet with complete clinical and medical information facilitate patients understanding of his / her health status
  • Comprehensive medical reports and automated Chronic Management Disease forms
  • Supports proactive scheduling of follow-ups and recalls through electronic generation of patient letters
  • Efficient and simple method of gathering disease based and/or patient based statistics