Patient Education Portal

Although medical therapy is important, long-term diabetes control also depends on the choices patients make about diet, physical activity, and other health-related behavior. These choices are based on patients’ knowledge about their disease, their ability to monitor it, and their motivation to self-management behavior; hence the importance of diabetes education.

The primary sources of diabetes education are family physicians and diabetes education centers. Most family physicians don’t have sufficient time to educate their patients, and diabetes education centers provide one to three day courses; in Canada as an example only 30% of patients attend these courses. The delay in receiving appropriate education can have a serious impact on the long-term health of people with diabetes.

In addition, the current diabetes education system has not embraced internet technologies or new education delivery tools that could increase the efficiency of the diabetes educational program, and has tended to focus on the disease rather than management. Cloud based interactive multimedia technology can be used to augment current diabetes education methods. A number of research studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of interactive multimedia diabetes education tools as an initial education following diagnoses and as continuous education for patients and their families.

The Virtual Diabetes Center's Patient Education Portal provides unique functions such as video search, and knowledge testing. The portal is a customizable cloud based application that could be installed on a local server as an Intranet application or hosted on an external server as an Internet application. The user interface can be configured to reflect your organization’s brand and to emphasize your education and communication priorities. We also provide services to install the application on our server and assist in developing course content and system management.