Personal Health Records Management

Diabetes Self-Management is the cornerstone of care for all individuals with diabetes who want to achieve successful health-related outcomes.

It requires continuous monitoring of multiple health indicators and lifestyle parameters such as blood sugar levels, blood pressure, physical activity, and diet by patients with the supervision of diabetes healthcare providers.

The rapid advancement in wearables and Bluetooth enabled devices enables patients to easily collect valuable data that could assist them in managing their diabetes; however a very small percentage of patients utilize these tools for their health benefits due to many factors.

The Virtual Diabetes Center’s Patient Health Record Management “MyVDC” is a user friendly, on-line health data recording and data visualization tool. MyVDC organizes and tracks the patient’s home test results, and presents the data using easy to understand visuals, and associated educational materials empowering the patient to understand how their lifestyle and treatment impacts their diabetes.

Through a secured link to the Virtual Diabetes Center’s Diabetes Case Management program, healthcare teams have access to patient data for review during clinic visits and for continuous monitoring. In addition, the MyVDC has a notification system alerting the healthcare team if there are any major changes in the blood sugar levels between the clinic visits. MyVDC forms are easy to use and are accessible by personal computers, tablets, and smart phones.